Kauai shrimp cocktails - Jewel Charity Cocktail Party
Party on the patio!
The Jewel Charity Fort Worth table setting
Charcutier boards
Christmas Party at Family Toyota
Centerpiece work   - Planet Chef
Smoked trout en croûte  -  herbed cream cheese, dill, dijon   crème fraîche
Valentines Brunch Table -  Fort worth
Roasted Thai style Texas wild Venison
Salt water cold boiled shrimp with Sea beans
Scallop & Salmon Ceviche
Sashimi for 30
Sashimi with Tobiko
Cold Quinoa forest with blanched vegetables and herbs
Smoked Salmon en croûte on Baguettes with herbed cheese and dijon creme fraiche
The Jewel Charity Event Fort worth
Cheese display  - Planet Chef
Crusted Beef Tenderloin dinner with quiche and vegetables
Roasted tomato soup shots
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