baby greens with hand cut carrot flowers
Caprese salad
Blue crab salad, tomatoes, watercress,  Gorgonzola dressing
Frisee, pomegranates, maroon carrots, edible flowers
tres salad
 Prosciutto wrapped scallop with parmesan chive butter
Dungeness crab cake shots
smoked trout en crute, herb cow cheese, cucumber, caviar and chive
King crab cakes
crabe, sous verre avec cucmber
Creme fraiche stuffed salt water poached baby new potatoes with caviar
Asparagus and pancetta quiche
lobster salad with avocado
Salmon and scallop ceviche
Summer green Minestrone
Thai chili mango pico de gallo
Tenderloin and pancetta taco with asparagus, Thai chili mango pico & daikon radish salad
Yakitori Tenderloin over Daikon radish salad
Lobster and oven roasted mussel risotto
Sautéed scallops with maroon carrot and pea purees, shellfish sauce
Swordfish with Chardonnay sauce
Scallops with sea beans and tangerine butter
Herb roasted chicken with purple and white pureed potatoes
quiche with spinach and goat cheese
Sashimi and ponzu
Marshmallow  pops
roasted pork loin with fresh vegetables
NY strip with pancetta and herb sautéed shrimp
Prime Tenderloin with Red wine demi glas
Whole oven roasted apple stuffed chickens
Oven roasted chicken with Chardonnay sauce
Lobster risotto to go!
Roasted Pork tenderloin with fresh herbs & twice baked potato
Japanese Ramon with fresh seaweed, fresh boiled ham and gulf shrimp
Passion fruit juice roasted organic chickens
Vegetarian Risotto
12 hour slow cooked Pork in Dashi Ramon
Pan seared duck with pea and parsnip puree and wild mushrooms
Osso buco gremolata
Pan seared Halibut with cranberries, pecans & pancetta - purple cauliflower puree
Beef tenderloin, buttered lobster meat, purple potatoes and fresh asparagus
Celery leaf and sea bean poached shrimp
Orecchiette with pecan pesto, arugula, garlic, baked pancetta rounds, crushed tomato. #planetchef
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